Kenya’s #PoliticalEconomy in lay man’s language.

I don’t intend to focus much on the shilling, the debt, the borrowing, and all the fixing hullabaloo everybody is talking about. Rather, allow me to point out an observation…………historical in nature. Which I believe is the cause of most of the above mentioned.

Since we are all familiar with the “snowballing effect”, I’ll jump straight into it. As a ball of snow sets rolling, it has no choice but to increase.

Any Kenyan is familiar with the processes involved in acquiring a political office in this country. (I want to believe so) and so allow me to use a practical example;

In the campaign periods we have two types of Citizens;
a) The political elite:- Majority of whom whose names appear in the ballot papers.
b) The masses :- Majority of whom who wake up at 2am in the morning to queue so as to put a mark besides the candidates of their choice.

Now, during these campaigns, a number of things take place, but most conspicuous being political rallies. In these rallies we get to see money being splashed left right and centre by the elite. Either to mobilize the masses to fill or not to fill stadia, to purchase Identity cards from opponents strongholds so that they don’t get to vote, to plan an attack against an opponent and so forth.

Assuming that some individual decides to sell their identity card at a price of 500 shillings and the person who bought gets a political sit. And in the period of 5 years, this person who sold their identity is still jobless. His earnings therefore is; (500 in 5 years= 100 per year= 8 per month)

On the other hand, if the politician bought 100,000 identities, he spent 50million which he or she will have to recover immediately he assumes office. And thus, you shouldn’t pretend that you are surprised that corruption is getting out of hand in Kenya.
Whether at National level or County level, it doesn’t matter.

Corruption is never a function of tribe. Tribe is only used to seek refuge. If you take your County for instance, most likely your Governor, their deputy, and all the MCA’s are from your tribe, But that doesn’t prevent them from looting. And probably they never even bother to share the loot with you. MAYBE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU EXIST.

Therefore, as long as Kenyans continue voting for individuals simply because they can splash money during campaigns, they shouldn’t complain that the government is corrupt, they should not live in denial that the country is borrowing to pay debts, if they are asked which is their currency, they should subconsciously shout, “the dollar!!!!” in their defense.

The citizens have betrayed themselves. Very few patriots, unfortunately, are remaining in Kenya today. We get to see political pedestrians and cheerleaders who don’t even know what the KENYAN DREAM is, talking about who is going to be president and who is not going to be. They simply can’t see beyond their noses.

And so, “Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it is set a rolling, it must increase” Unfortunately, it is the citizens who set this ball a roll.


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